HS French Flint Ltd is a business which has indisputably stood the test of time. Having first started trading back in 1824 importing the new style of Flint glass from France, the company has been reinventing itself and experiencing steady growth for nearly two centuries. They now proudly operate on a global scale, and export products all over the world.


HS French Flint still import glass from France and many other European countries (as well as the Far East & U.S.A.), but over 60% of its glass bottles and jars are manufactured in the UK. Known as The Glass Container Specialists, HS French Flint specialise in high end bottles and jars that are particularly suitable for artisan food producers and manufacturers of liqueurs and other premium products. They do, however, also stock glass and plastic products (along with all of the associated caps, corks, stoppers and closures) suitable for the cosmetic, toiletry, pharmaceutical, tableware and industrial sectors.


The company has a wide range of preserving and storage jars, and hundreds of standard containers typically made for the food and beverage industry. Their extensive range includes jars for pickles, chutney, jam, honey and marmalades; spice jars with grinder & sprinkler cap options; and bottles for oils, sauces, vinegars and salad dressings. In addition to this, HS French Flint also offer bottles suitable for wine, spirits, beers and liqueurs, including a variety of miniature products that are perfect for weddings and other special occasions. With an interest in the growing craft beers market, HS French Flint now also stock a wide range of Growlers, which is a great addition to their beer bottle range.


A lot of the containers HS French Flint sell are from their own moulds, and they can also offer bespoke designs. Their vast selection of products boasts thousands of designs and capacities which are mainly available from stock in single cases, or in bulk pallets – giving their clients great flexibility in terms of ordering exactly what they want.


HS French Flint’s main office, showroom and a small warehouse are based in London not far from Borough Market; whilst the main warehouse and subsidiary showroom are situated in Lincolnshire.